Yes, OS X (or MacOS) has in-built functionality for burning CDs or DVDs via the Finder or Disk Utility, but sometimes we all want a little more…

In steps Disco, an incredibly polished app sadly discontinued in 2011 but still very useful today. The developers have even made the app free with the license name and serial number below.

Disco has a brilliantly simple interface that hides all its power and features. No cluttered windows or difficult learning curve here. What you get is a very clean and simple drag n’ drop approach to fulfill your needs.

Disco has all the usual features you would expect in burning software; multi-session support, multi file system support (HFS+, UDF, Pc Joliet etc), creating audios CDs, support for Dual Layer DVDs and so on.

However, Disco also has a number of features either unique to itself or combined into a more readily available functionality. Spanning is a nice feature that will automatically divide your files across multiple disc when they won’t fit a single disc. Disco can also create images in CDR, ISO and DMG format, and can create CDs based on IMG, ISO, DMG or CUE/BIN image formats, but perhaps the best feature of Disco is ‘Discography’.

Discography keeps track of every file on every disc you burn. You can instantly search through tens of thousands of burned files and find out info such as when it was burned, to what disc it was burned, and when it was last edited. If you find yourself constantly losing track of what disc your files are on then Discography will be a welcome addition to your toolset. Discography is always on and keeping track of your burns — so it’s only there when you need it.

One more thing… The burning window can release real-time digital smoke as you burn and you can even blow into your microphone and the smoke to react accordingly. How neat is that!

Free License

Code: DSCO-111-113-199-99


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