Age of Empires III – Napoleonic Era expansion

Age of Empires III: The Napoleonic Era is a non-commercial and fan-based modification first released in 2009 (the latest version is from 2014) for Ensemble Studios’s RTS game, Age of Empires III. This mod features a great deal of new gameplay elements and includes 7 completely new civilizations. The French civilization has also been heavily redesigned. The game is focused on the events revolving around the Napoleonic Wars in Europe, and how different European civilizations reacted to this new challenge. However, the game also includes other prominent civilizations of this particular time-frame, such as the United States. The Napoleonic Wars were chosen for the game’s general theme because these were the most influential military events during the time period of Age of Empires III, next to its current theme, the colonization of America.


Napoleonic Era features several new gameplay elements. A few elements from Age of Empires II are re-introduced, like the ability to have an unlimited amount of settlers on the construction of a building. Several new technologies are available in several different buildings. An all-new technology building, the university, is also introduced for all western nations. In this building, players will find a small amount of powerful nation-specific upgrades, as well as a two randomly generated ones. Players can also access new elite units, such as the sharpshooter, through the university. More than 10 new maps featured includes Egypt, Scandinavia and the Alps. Other gameplay changes include a new build limit on walls, and altered trading post prizes.


More than 35 new units are introduced with the Napoleonic Era. It includes not only new unique units for the new civilizations, but new standard units, such as the Fusilier, and new unique units for the civilizations featured in Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery, such as the British Green jacket rifleman. A range of native units for the new maps are also introduced. All of these new units have new graphics and statistics. The mod also includes Matthew Sher’s Unit Upgrades Modpack, so that the old standard units, such as the musketeer, get a new look each age you advance.


The units of the new civilizations have received new sounds in their respective languages. According to the official web page of the Napoleonic era, new voice acting contributions are still welcome. The modification also comes with a new main theme, another variation on the Age of Empires theme composed by a member of the Napoleonic Era core team.


In addition to the regular civilizations already offered by Age of Empires III and its two official expansion packs (The WarChiefs and The Asian Dynasties), the Napoleonic Era presents the players with an additional set of playable civilizations that hold their own unique units, buildings, homecity shipments, and tactical abilities.


  • Age of Empires III must be installed and patched to v1.0.6
  • The Warchiefs expansion must be installed and patched to v1.0.3
  • Asian Dynasties expansion must be installed and patched to v1.0.1


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Napoleonic Era expansion

v2.1.7b from 2014


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