The iPad 3, or ‘iPad 3rd Generation’, or ‘iPad with Retina Display’….depends on who you talk to, was my first iPad bought in 2012 a week after its initial release for a way overpriced £560 (White 64gb wifi only version). The iPad was blazingly fast with great graphic capabilities that I spent a lot of […]

I managed to source 8gb of Crucial branded PC2-4200 ram for £15 from eBay. Installation was quick, with an easy removal of the fans near the ram slots with a gentle tug. After a few minutes the machine was booted up and very quick to use. Using Photoshop, Indesign and some games really was a […]

Fitting an old 1tb drive inside the Mac was relatively straight forward. However, I discovered that the Mac could not see the drive as it was limited to 150MB/sec speed drives and the Western Digital Green drive I used did not auto-fallback to this speed. The drive has that rate disabled by default, therefore it can’t be […]

I’ve always had a fond affection for the PowerPC based macs; maybe due to their design or maybe just because an eMac G4 was my first mac? 🙂 A recent impulse purchase on eBay has landed me with a PowerMac G5 2.0Ghz Dual Core (Late 2005) for a measly 40 of my British pounds! On […]

My first iMac… Bought in 2007 as an upgrade to my aging eMac, the Core2Duo iMac was a fantastic machine, with a great styling, a crisp screen and plenty of power to boot. This Mac served as my main machine for many years for web design, publishing and plenty of gaming. Originally installed with OS […]

My first Mac laptop was purchased from a friend in 2006 for roughly £400. This was the top-of-the range iBook available at the time so I considered this somewhat of a bargain. It was quite heavy for a laptop compared to modern macbooks, but the iBook was a nice snappy machine. Both Tiger and then […]