iPod Click Wheel Games

iPod games…no, I don’t mean those you can download directly from the app store onto that glorified iPhone sans the phone bit!

What I mean is the games that were designed for the ‘real’ iPod with a click wheel. With the release of iTunes 7 in September 2006, Apple put up some third party games for download. The iPod already had a selection of inbuilt games, such as Brick, but these were something special, utilising the click wheel albeit often in a somewhat hazard and frustrating-at-times fashion.

Unfortunately, the time of the clickwheel games is long gone and they are no longer available to download, even if you originally purchased them! Now the only way to get some of these at least is to apply a cracked firmware to your ipod and load the games directly onto the iPods storage.

The best way to do this is via a PowerPC application known as ‘alterPod’ you can download below

Step-by-step instructions (for 5g or 5.5g iPod Videos)

  1. Plug in your iPod. Make sure it is enabled for disk use, and the “Do Not Disconnect” logo is flashing.
  2. Open up your iPod from the desktop. You may need to enable hidden files and folders (I suggest using Onyx)
  3. Open up the “iPod_Control” folder.
  4. Create a “Games_RO” folder into the “iPod_Control” folder. You can then add any of the games here to this folder. Remember to unzip the games first!
  5. Open up alterPod (it’s a standalone application, no need to install)
  6. Select the “Firmware” tab.
  7. Click “choose” under the Restore option and navigate to either “5g Firmware.bin” or “5.5g Firmware.bin” based on weather you have a 5g or a 5.5g iPod. If you choose the wrong one, you will have to boot into disk mode and restore your iPod.
  8. Once the file is ready click “Restore”
  9. Eject the iPod when it is done (it will take a minute or two)
  10. Reset your iPod by holding in the center button and menu button until the apple logo appears
  11. Go to Extras > Games on your iPod, choose your game, and enjoy.


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      1. Hey Michael, I’ve tried to install the firmware with iPodWizard, and it worked. The only problem I have is that syncing in macOS is terribly slow. Could it be because my iPod is Widows-formatted/it’s FAT32?

        1. Hi. Alter pod is only for the PowerPC Mac. There are some software utilities for windows that can use these firmwares but I’m not the best person to advise you. Maybe someone else can help here or try some google searches. Sorry I can’t help more

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