iBook G4 (Mid 2005)

My first Mac laptop was purchased from a friend in 2006 for roughly £400. This was the top-of-the range iBook available at the time so I considered this somewhat of a bargain. It was quite heavy for a laptop compared to modern macbooks, but the iBook was a nice snappy machine. Both Tiger and then Leopard ran lovely on this machine with most of its lifespan spent playing Warcraft III and Diablo 2!

The only negative criticism I can direct of the iBook was the quality of the plastic, which became prone to cracks as the years of use took its toll.

  • Processor: PowerPC 7447A (G4) – 1.33 Ghz
  • Benchmark Score: 689
  • Storage: 40GB
  • Media: Slot-loading SuperDrive
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.5.8
  • Memory: 512mb PC-2700 DDR333 built in (Upgraded to 1.5GB)
  • Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon 9550 32MB
  • Connections: Wi-Fi (built in Airport Extreme), Bluetooth 2.0, Ethernet, Modem (56k), USB (v2 x 2), Firewire (400Mbit x 1), Mini-VGA, Audio In, Audio Out
  • Current Status: Dead (Dropped too many times by my wife…)

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