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The iPad 3, or ‘iPad 3rd Generation’, or ‘iPad with Retina Display’….depends on who you talk to, was my first iPad bought in 2012 a week after its initial release for a way overpriced £560 (White 64gb wifi only version). The iPad was blazingly fast with great graphic capabilities that I spent a lot of time using. During this time there were a lot of great games to play on the App Store; Field Runners, Tiny Wings, Modern Combat (a great multi-player game), Swordigo, Infinity Blade and so on. Adding to this, the iPad’s great multimedia capabilities made this my go-to-machine for pretty much everything…for a while at least.

  • Display: 9.7inch, 2048×1536 resolution
  • Pixel Density: 264PPI
  • Capacity: 64GB
  • Original iOS: 5.1 (now on 9.3.4)
  • Processor: Apple A5X (1 GHz), 32-bit, 2-cores
  • Geekbench Benchmark: 760
  • Built-in Memory: 1 GB
  • Graphics: PowerVR SGX543MP4, 4-cores

Stolen by my wife

Then my wife noticed the iPad. She tried it once, then for a day, then week, a month…you see where this going. Pretty soon, my share of the iPad dwindled to whenever I can steal it back – usually when she was asleep! Clearly the iPad was a hit and later I bought her a iPad Mini and my iPad 3 was free again.

Dropped and Dented

I like to keep my apple hardware in the best condition possible. Unfortunately, being careful and my wife are not generally used in the same sentence – I still love you if you are reading this! – she previously killed my iBook G4. In the first few months she dropped the iPad chipping a corner.  🙁

Crushed in a car door and Fone Angels

And a year or so later it continued…the iPad was dropped from a car as the door was being shut and with incredible timing it was crushed and the screen was shattered. Amazingly, the iPad still working but getting the odd piece of glass in your finger was a bit frustrating.

Eventually the iPad was sent away for repair, along with my son’s iPad mini (yes, my wife also smashed the screen on this!). To summarise the repair, DO NOT USE FONE ANGELS UK for any repairs. This company took a long time to deliver, managed to up-sell additional work which they did not even complete, and used a cheap glass screen which cracked under my thumb and never responded back to my emails or contact attempts. On trust pilot reviews the company looked good, but not long after my ‘repair’ this appeared.

Dear Trustpilot User

We have detected that this company has been reporting reviews in a biased way, for example by systematically reporting the negative reviews it receives, or repeatedly reporting reviews that don’t contravene our User Guidelines. This type of reporting behavior breaches Trustpilot’s Company Guidelines.

Any manipulation of reviews is a threat to consumers and businesses and we take it very seriously. We’ll continue to safeguard the integrity of our community by fighting attempts to game the system, and we’ll inform our users when we uncover deliberate attempts to mislead consumers. You can read more about our stance on trust and how we deal with fraudulent behavior on www.trustpilot.com/trust.

Ah Shit….

A new screen….and colour!

The replacement screen from Fone Angels slow disintegrated and the iPad became a little unsafe to use. I decided to replace the glass myself using an iFixit Guide. If you have never used iFixit guides before I recommend heading over there. They provide an invaluable service for all Apple users and will help you save a lot of money.

I ordered a new replacement from http://www.iparts-4u.co.uk/ for around £20 in black, which also came with the home button already attached. It arrived within a couple of days and the quality is very good. The installation took just over an hour, with most of that time spent removing the old screen (or what was left of it).

My iPad now looks shiny and new, even if it is a little slow with iOS 9….but thats a story for another time

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