PowerMac G5 Update #1: Fitting a new Hard Disk

Serial-ATA-logo-grayscale-nFitting an old 1tb drive inside the Mac was relatively straight forward. However, I discovered that the Mac could not see the drive as it was limited to 150MB/sec speed drives and the Western Digital Green drive I used did not auto-fallback to this speed.

The drive has that rate disabled by default, therefore it can’t be seen unless you enable the 150 MB/sec rate on the disk. One does this by jumpering pins 5-6. Unfortunately, the drive did not come with any jumpers and finding one that fitted correctly proved difficult to source.

I gave up on this and tried a 1tb Hitachi drive which auto set the correct speed. The drive was identified in Disk Utility and after a quick format I was ready to install the OS.

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