PowerMac G5 2.0 Dual Core (Late 2005)

Apple_Power_Macintosh_G5_Late_2005_01I’ve always had a fond affection for the PowerPC based macs; maybe due to their design or maybe just because an eMac G4 was my first mac? ūüôā

A recent impulse purchase on eBay has landed me with a PowerMac G5 2.0Ghz Dual Core (Late 2005) for a measly 40 of my British pounds!

On arrival the box was heavy and huge. Inside was a 3 inch thick layer of heavy duty bubble wrap surrounding another box within which was the Mac, which was also surrounded with bubble wrap and foam packing! It took almost 10 mins to get through all this, but it was worth it. The Mac was in fantastic condition with just a few marks to the casing.

  • Processor:¬†PowerPC 970MP (G5) – 2.0Ghz
  • Geekbench 2 Score:¬†1818
  • Storage:¬†No drive fitted
  • Media:¬†Superdrive (Ultra ATA/100)
  • OS:¬†None as no drive was fitted
  • Memory:¬†installed with 1.5GB PC2-4200 (533Mhz).
  • Graphics:¬†NVIDIA GeForce 6600 LE 128MB
  • Connections:¬†Ethernet x 2, USBv2 x 4, Firewire 400Mbit x 2, Firewire 800Mbit x 1, DVI x 2 on the graphics card, Audio In (both 3.5mm and S/PDIF), Audio Out (3.5mm x 2 and S/PDIF), built in speaker
  • Current Status:¬†My new toy!


Ultra ATA / 100 Superdrive

Oddly, despite the PowerMac having SATA connections for its hard disks, the superdrive is still using an IDE Ultra ATA controller. It could be that at the time the PowerMac was released SATA DVD-writers were not cheap to source. A little research into this is needed…

C19 IEC cable

The company I bought the Mac from also supplied a brand new power cable. However, to my surprise an odd design choice was made for the late 2005 PowerMacs and they utilise a different power cable known as a C19 IEC. These are square in shape with the three prongs turned horizontally. The cable supplied did not fit, but a quick check at where I work and I was able to find the correct cable.


Setting it up and the future…

Obviously the Mac will need a hard disk fitting so that will be my first task and then to install OS X 10.5 (Leopard). As a PowerPC machine this is the latest version of OS X the Mac can support.

A max of 16GB can be installed in the PowerMac’s 8 memory slots, so I will likely populate this in stages.

Although the PowerMac has a built in antenna for both Airport Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0 the combo card was an optional extra, which is somewhat difficult to come by these days, so I will likely use the regular Ethernet port.

I would also like to pair this mac with a couple of 20 inch apple cinema displays and I have just seen a nice boxed pair on eBay! ūüôā

more to come….

Update #1: Fitting a new Hard Disk

Update #2: Ram Upgrade

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